Elevating Our Sport Beyond Mere Fishing


Thank you for taking a second to visit our store.  Since 2006 Carey Miller has been filming and promoting the sport of fishing. As an competitive angler Carey understands the effort, time and money it takes to succeed. The message we want to share is that you've got what it takes.

We will be releasing limited edition Jersey's and Hat's. Every item in our store is there to remind you that you are great and inspire you to develop new skills and leverage your talents to help others succeed as well.

Each Done Deal video strives to communicate that we are here to provide inspiration for people to overcome challenges and achieve their greatness.

Pro's are already wearing our clothes like Musky Expert Rob Carr, Tournament Angler Steve Stinson and Musky Guide Patrick Briere.




As we grow we want to take people on a journey of transformation. Here are the 4 categories of content that will lead people to transformation.

 1. Inspiration : our videos will capture real stories about successful anlgers that people can
relate to. People that have to overcome an obstical to achieve their goals.
 2. Education : Teach people new skills to help them tackle the common challenges we all
Face as competitive anglers. For example setting goals and developing a
plan. All fishing shows teach how to fish, but our show is designed for high
achievers that want to compete in Bass Tournaments. How you manage
your life off the water greatly effects how successful you are on the water.
 3. Application : We will provide our viewers with ideas on how to apply new techniques to
become more successful both on and off the water. For example time
management on the water plays a huge role in tournaments. Balancing our careers, families and
finances successfully can reap huge rewards towards achieving our goals as well.
 4. Transformation : This is where we celebrate peoples progress and celebrate their successes through written
articles and video.


 Done Deal WATCH VIDEOS :https://www.youtube.com/user/careymilleronline

Feel free to contact us at : donedeal@careymiller.com

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